Ever seen Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch? William Holden plays a washed up cowboy who just doesn’t get that his way of life is ending. He can’t move on because he loves it too much – far more than it ever loves him back. Inevitably he meets a bad end.

Volleyball, it seems, is a great game but a terrible sport. Why do some of us still love it? I guess it’s what makes us tragics.

* * *

I coach a lot of volleyball. Indoor and Beach, Men and Women, Boys and Girls. I’ve coached at Schools, Clubs and Academies. I’m not interested in doing this as a real career – because I don’t love winning and hate losing enough to do the necessary things to not get fired. I used to be a filmmaker who made a film that got shortlisted for an Oscar once. So I like stories. I’m more interested in the narrative of sport rather than watching sport.


One Response to “About”

  1. John Kessel Says:

    It is good for the game that you take the time to share your stories and insights via this blog Hugh.

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