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My changing volleyball direction

October 14, 2016

I have written a lot less over the last 12 months. Previously I consistently posted once a month but my “volleyball patterns” have changed.

Increasingly in the last couple of years I have phased out of actual coaching and dedicate more of my time to analysis work. I toured with the 2015 women’s volleyroos as a scout and spent the following domestic season (October-February) working as a remote scout/analyst for Australian friends coaching in the Swiss and Danish leagues. After that I spent the months leading up to the Olympics coding and analysing about 50 beach matches for the coaches of Louise Bawden and Taliqua Clancy who finished 5th in Rio. Now I’m back helping my friends with their teams in Europe.

Essentially I download videos of matches off a server and code them, or produce reports from existing coded matches. It’s tedious work, and outside my fulltime job I consistently spend upwards of 20hrs a week doing analysis. I’m spending more time on volleyball stuff but it’s different from the long gours of coaching. I can start/finish a bit late/early so long as I meet the deadlines, which is different from having to be at a time and place that fits in with others. I get to relate to more analytical people – since they’re the ones that are interested to have this stuff. I avoid emotional and political stuff and just get to spend hours watching volleyball. it’s cool.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave much time to write. And when I get the time to write, there’s not a whole lot of my work I can share!

A change is  good as a holiday, and after 15 years of coaching teams, it’s been a welcome change. Will write more now.