VVI State League Grand Final – 16 Aug 2014

Yarra Ranges - Winners!

Yarra Ranges – Winners!

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to be a ringer on the coaching staff in a Victorian State League Grand Final. My good friend Bill was the assistant coach of Yarra Ranges Premier Men, and I had worked with 8 of the players and coaching staff in the Victorian state teams over the last couple of years, so was more than happy to help out when asked. I’ve now been involved as a coach in state league grand finals in 3 states.

Most of my work was done before I even arrived in Melbourne for the game having coded the semi-final and preliminary final matches.  I coded games the head coach, Luke, had posted on youtube and provided statistical and video analysis that helped Bill and Luke come up with the game plan. In the end the game plan we started with didn’t work, but the research, and in-game stats we took on both sides of the net helped us make the adjustments to win. During the game I took stats on the other team while one of the other coaches, Allan, kept stats on our team.

The Teams

Yarra was playing Southern Cross Cobras. The 2 teams had been the 2 strongest teams all season. Yarra had comprehensively beaten SSC in 3 straight sets in their semi final but SSC would not be so easy this time round. Both teams were coached by ex Olympic Middle Blockers: Yarra by the former Australian captain Luke Campbell and SCC by Ben Loft. Yarra had won last year’s premiership and despite losing 3 starters, still had the best all round player (Steve Wallace), middle blocker (Campbell) and scorer (Kiwi Ben O’Dea). SCC had the best libero (Cam Blewett) and two formidable passer hitters (Jason Hughes and Matt Richards).

The Game

Yarra won the first set narrowly 27-25. They had outscored SCC 18 kills to 11, but 14 unforced errors from spiking and serving had kept SCC in the game. SCC owned the next set winning 25-15 as Yarra struggled with consistency. Our best player Steve Wallace was struggling in attack scoring only 1 kill in each of the 2 sets. SCC’s best player was Matt Richards scoring 7 from 12 in the first 2 sets. Although he lead his team’s scoring, Richo’s numbers didn’t jump out at me, but did something to stir Bill’s gut feeling. Impressively while we were being thoroughly beaten in the 2nd set, Luke swapped his player’s hat for his coach’s hat and subbed himself off to talk tactics with Bill and figure out what to do.

Bill suggested a revised lineup for the third set. The two key moves were Steve (who had been playing as a receiving opposite-hitter) would be moved to passer-hitter next to the setter, and Ben O’Dea (who had been playing passer-hitter in front court, but hit right side in backcourt) would be moved to opposite to create a match up on Richo. Ben had lead our team in attacks up to that point getting set just under half of the balls hitting 16 from 28, and so there would be a risk making the move. The other consequence was it matched up the playing-coaches Luke Campbell on Ben Loft in the front court.

The moves worked. In the third set, SCC’s setter responded to the bigger block on Richo and set him less. He only scored 4 more kills in the next 2 sets. Steve got out of his funk and dominated scoring 8 kills in the next 2 sets. The move didn’t affect Ben O’Dea’s scoring effectiveness at all as he scored even more points in the 3rd and 4th sets than he had in the first 2. He would finish the game as our best player scoring 35 kills. Luke Campbell and Ben Loft’s duel was great to watch and Luke got the last word winning a huge joust on 17-9 in the 4th set. We won the 3rd set narrowly 28-26 (we dominated but made 12 unforced errors) and 25-11 in the 4th set (we made less errors, and SCC lost some steam)

* * *

The celebration afterwards was great. Two of the Yarra families owned vineyards and so there was plenty of great wine at an intimate party at a cellar door. They also inducted the first of their life members and the stories that flowed during the citations and mingling were great. There was plenty of celebrating with our young Div 2 men’s team also winning their premiership playoff. The good news also came that Ben O’Dea had won a contract to play professionally in 2nd Division in Germany and our setter, Linford had scored a contract in 1st Division in Holland. It was a pretty cool weekend!

(Videos edited using VBStatsHD)


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