I still don’t like screening

So screening on the serve is still against the rules. But referees are apparently not allowed to call it. This one team at Asian Junior Championships used it a lot. One referee called them on it and they stopped… but the referee got marked down in the assessment for calling it. Good on them I say. Volleyball is about reading, which you can’t do when people are blocking your view of the cues.

They played against Japan in the finals and got smashed. It’s good to see gimmicks like that not working on the best teams.


2 Responses to “I still don’t like screening”

  1. markleb Says:

    Don’t mean to do this to you, but while screening is still a fault in the rule book they changed the definition of the fault by one word (changing an ‘or’ into an ‘and’) which means it is now almost impossible to screen. I am actually quite comfortable with this in the spirit of making the offence more difficult.
    Have you seen the really old videos on the FIVB channel? From the 50’s and early 60’s? Those guys knew how to screen!

  2. Hugh Nguyen Says:

    When they played against Japan and Japan could still pass and run an offence (often siding out on first ball) it was fine. When teams just got aced and there wasn’t a rally, it just sucked. Especially against when the game went to 5 and it played a huge part in deciding the match. I want to see games decided by siding out and transitioning – teams actually having to play volleyball with MOST of the skills to win and compete.

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