Lost Months: Part 1, SA State League (24-31 Aug 2013)

I try to write a post a month. That went well for about 4 years straight, until July this year. I was busy. Turns out being an amateur volleyball performance analyst is quite time consuming. It’s no excuse, but thought I’d fill in what I’ve been up to….

I’ve lived in ACT since March 2013 but I’m still quite attached to SA – particularly my club, Norwood, which is doing some cool things like the Senior Women touring Myanmar/Thailand in October. Given my desire to stay involved I did a lot of video analysis for both men’s and women’s teams. I flew bad to Adelaide on the Prelim and Grand final weekends to help out.

The women made finals but were eliminated in the first round. The men made it to the grand final by beating Mt Lofty in a terrific 5-set match, but lost in the final to Henley (my old club). Though it was sad Norwood lost, it was good to see Henley, who only a few years ago could not even field a Men’s League team.

Me and the Henley Mascot on Grand Final Day

Me and the Henley Mascot on Grand Final Day


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