More fun with an iPad mounted on a Tripod

I wrote yesterday about how handy it was to have a video delay system at trainings that consisted of an iPad mounted on a tripod. Here’s some other things I’ve found handy:

  • Goodreader. It’s a file management system. The annoying thing about iPads is that you can’t organise your videos and photos into a conventional hierarchy, read *.doc or *.xls files. Goodreader lets you organise stuff into a folder hierarchy and display just about everything. I put all the media (diagrams and video) for my playing systems on there and show video examples before we start a drill


  • FlipScore. It’s a scoreboard. John Kessell suggested this when I went to his session on the USA Coaching tour. Useful when taking sessions at the AIS as the manual scoreboards and missing some numbers (I know right?).


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