Protecting The Shield

I’m currently in LA as part of the AVF Coaching Study Tour (I’m also posting from this site at the moment). One ofthe enjoyable things is 24 hr sports coverage on various channels.

Dominating the NFL at the moment is the poor quality of officiating that has resulted from substitute referees who have had to replace experienced referees on strike over pay.

In response to a shocking decision in the Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers game, former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards on SportsCentre described how the NFL is now making it about “protecting the substitute referees instead of protecting the shield”.

“Protecting the Shield” is a phrase introduced by the league a few years ago to emphasise how important it is to protect the NFL Brand (Most visibly represented by a shield shaped logo), by ensuring that it is a quality product. It’s something that can be interpreted in a number of ways to players, officials, administrators and coaches. It’s a catchy way to get the message across.


One Response to “Protecting The Shield”

  1. Alexis Lebedew Says:

    Its fascinating watching it unfold. One of the most interesting takes on the whole thing was on the BS Report ( where Mike Lombardi talked about the inability of the current officials to get to the right places to make the best decisions. He talked about technique and decision making.

    It got me thinking about the issue as a whole: the league doesn’t value the service the officials are providing highly enough (according to the officials). The problem is that what’s happening is that due to lack of technique, poor decision making, lack of understanding of the rules, the NFL is actually learning that the difficulty of the service being provided is more than they thought, so perhaps the value of the service is higher than they thought?

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