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Yes we Canberra

March 18, 2012

After a year of tumultuous change in my life where I left the business I was a part of since I was 14 and became a Commonwealth Public Servant, I have now moved to Canberra.

After attending the FIVB Level 1 course last year and meting participants from all over Australia I came to the realization I could find enjoyable volleyball to coach anywhere and it was a good time in my life to make a career oriented move.

Canberra isn’t unlike Adelaide. It’s a good life and I’ve gotten involved with a local club (Dragons) and help out at volleyball trainings 4-5 times a week. So even my lifestyle hasn’t really changed. I’ve traded in coaching beach volleyball at the AIS beach facilities after hours in Adelaide to coaching indoor volleyball at the AIS indoor facilities after hours in Canberra. My landlords with whom I am lodging with are an AIS athlete and an advisor for a politician – it’s about as Canberra as housemates can be.

The big change has been the weather. I have been spending the best part of the last 5 months coaching Beach Volleyball in the 30+ degree heat wearing shorts till 9pm in the evening in Adelaide, and got off the plane in Canberra to windy chills and rain. There are no beaches here.

I will dearly miss coaching Beach Volleyball. Something which I regret I only began to “get” and enjoy doing too late in my time in Adelaide. There is something freer about coaching an abbreviated version of the game. You can have a good training with upwards of 4 players turning up. You never have any problems like “we can’t practice ___ because we don’t have six players/a setter/receivers etc etc. Every session can end with satisfying games with any number of players. You teach well-rounded skills as everyone must do everything. I also found we could do a lot of spiking and jumping related reps. Sadly, I realized too late there were no beaches where I was headed.

I visited one of my work sites and was excited to see on the map they had 2 Beach Volleyball courts. On closer inspection it was a bit disappointing. The nets weren’t up, and being in close proximity to a gum tree, they were littered with dried leaves, twigs, gum nuts etc etc. As well as excrement from whatever animal crawls around there.

There is a one-week national volleyball tournament for my government agency which I hope to get involved with. I’ll look forward to the Good Neighbour tournament too which I have never seen, and any opportunity I can get watching the national program train.

I haven’t quite fully embraced my new home. I will still be coaching the SA U17 women’s state team. It’s an unusual situation, but one that I intend to do a good job of nevertheless. I have written my system and training plans and have a lot of capable support to help me in my absence. I’ll be flying back as much as I can and making the first 5 weekend trainings. It will be an opportunity to be highly organised and effective with my time; to delegate and get the most out of people who i will undoubtedly rely upon. It will be an opportunity to once again explore what it means to be worthy of winning.