I’m enjoying seeing our national teams play during the international season right now. Well, i don’t get to “see” a lot of the matches, but match reports will suffice too.

The men had a great win against China the other night while the women came back from Vietnam and performed well against the host country. If the men can consistently play well against China, South Korea, Japan and Iran, they might have a chance qualifying for the Olympics which would be great.

Word has it they’re under enormous pressure to perform or else the program will get cut.

I’ll be pretty pissed off if they shut VTAM down. It’s crappy enough that our women’s indoor program is a shell of what it once was.

My father recalls living in France in 1979 when an Australian Men’s Volleyball team came to play some friendlies. According to the daily sports newspaper, L’equipe, they were comparable to a “good French 3rd division side). The only other thing my father recalls is that while the French team warmed up in pairs, the Aussies warmed up with one ball. Given that since then, VTAM has participated in 2 olympics (making it to the quarter finals in 2000), 3 World Championships, 2 World Cups and won an Asian Championship. That’s an incredible amount of progress that has come from the hands of a lot of dedicated people.

Anyway, i thought the videos below might illustrate the progress and achievement VTAM has made over the years. Cheers to Alexis Lebedew and Nathan Roberts for the videos.


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