Happysnap: Pt Augusta Open

I went up to Pt Augusta for the day on Saturday 16 October to watch a bit of the volleyball tournament.I don’t know why, but i just like to see how our sport is enjoyed by people outside my own microcosm.

It used to be quote a big event and is now rebooting. There were teams from the Tea Tree Gully volleyball association, Roxby Downs, Port Lincoln, Pt Augusta and Norwood. I hope it keeps growing.

The teams were composite teams from town associations – basically a bunch of folks who play in social teams putting together a team for a weekend trip. The Roxby guys were from a couple of mixed teams that formed a mens and women’s team for the tournament.

I got to know a couple of families (the Curnows and Nisticos) from Pt Augusta through coaching at Norwood, where their daughters played some games (and grand finals!) for us. The Curnows kindly offered the club their beach house for accommodation and the junior girls decided quite last minute to make a trip. They had a lot of fun.

I went home in the afternoon, hoping to get up early enough to see the VTAW camp in the morning before driving off to coach Willunga then Concordia. I got to the camp just as the session finished. it was one of those days where i just got there late to everything. fail.


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