Familiar Story?

I should really stop this habit of watching how other sports do things that make them better than volleyball cos it just makes me depressed. But I thought this story was worth sharing.

Netball SA has decided to revamp their top tier netball competition and rename it the Premier League. like it’s namesake football competition in England, this also involved turfing out some clubs that didn’t cut the mustard (they have the chance to get back in).

4  of the 10 clubs from the previous top tier comp were culled down to the second “reserves” division: Oakland, Tango, Harlequin & Cheerio (seems like they tossed out the clubs with the better sounding names). Tango and Harlequin were the two northern based clubs, and their exclusion means that there is no longer a northern club representing the top tier competition.

Sound familiar?


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