With VTAM playing friendly matches against Japan in preparation for the World Champs, I thought I’d post up this video of an exhibition game between the “Australia All-Stars” and Japanese club team Fuji in 1989:

For about $60 you can but a little USB gadget that converts VHS to digital. I got this video from Raul Tuul’s nephew, Alex, when I coached him years ago. Some anachronisms:

  • It’s old school rules and scoring. Serve-point to 15. Must win by 2 but capped at 17.
  • The AIS programme with a full-time coach is about to commence.
  • AVF life member Tomas Santamaria is coaching the men’s team
  • Dual Olympic Gold Medallist Craig Buck (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the FooFighters’ drummer) and All-American Tom Duke are playing the team
  • VSA life member Mike Reu is playing (none of the players in his state U21 team this year would have been born at the time of this match). He’s got a sick mullet.
  • The Australians can’t win against a Japanese Club team more often than they lose.

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