SASIVC – Sunday

It had gone well for a while on Saturday. Paringa Park Primary girls won all 4 of their games against year 8 teams. Meanwhile in the other pool, West Beach primary won all 4 of their games and it looked to be a classic showdown between the two teams in the U14 final. Paringa Park had a couple of good players too sick to play and West Beach won quite convincingly. I didn’t get to see the game but apparently the 2 teams bonded and had a great time. it’s great to see teams bond over competition.

The Concordia Open Honours boys, won 2 games against the 2nd Heathfield side, but lost 2 games against the 2nd Brighton side. They finished 4th but are still keen for honours. they improved and have more improving to do before AVSC. It’s good to se them qualify for the 3rd spot.

The Willunga U16 and U15 girls had qualified for honours by Saturday night. The U16 girls, with some ring-ins from last year’s div 2 team beat heathfield twice to play off for gold. The u15 girls only had 2 other teams in their pool. Unfortunately our U17HG who had won a silver and bronze the 2 years before weren’t so lucky. After winning 4 games against both brighton and both heathfield teams, they lost the semi to Brighton and the 3rd place playoff to Loxton. They’ll have to apply for a wild card which is getting harder to get.

All in all i thought it was a good tournament. Loxton got at least 2 teams qualifying for honours as did Willunga. Concordia will be a new team in honours too, and maybe Hallett Cove if they take the opportunity in the divisions they have automatically qualified for. We could be seeing the biggest number of non-SIV honours teams travelling to Melbourne ever.

Was also interesting to see the South Adelaide press gang out in full force with a mad recruiting drive. would be great to see more of these kids staying in volleyball.


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