SASIVC – Friday

Tournament office at Westminster

Tournament office at Seymour College

I don’t know what it is about seeing a tournament office set up in a squash court that brings me such joy. Maybe it’s the idea that a volleyball tournament can take over somewhere it’s not usually meant to just gives me hope that the sport can grow. Like volleyball is reappropriating the territory of other sports. In this case it was seeing Seymour College being used for the first time as a playing venue for state schools cup.

Many moons ago, when i first started playing senior club volleyball, the venue had just changed from St Claire’s to Marion Leisure Centre. State Schools Cup was all run there too. 6 courts running and not a lot of free space. They obviously changed it after for safety reasons. It became 2 venues, then 3, then 4.

This is the first year since I’ve played and coached that Marion has not been a part of any non-social volleyball competition. I didn’t really appreciate it until I spent most of today watching games at 4 venues and missing games at the fifth: I started at Brighton at 9am watching the concordia open boys i help out with; then the 10:10 game at Seymour College to watch some of my norwood players play for seymour; then the 11:40 game at Westminster where my Willunga girls played their hoodoo team Loxton (we still lost by 3 points on countback); then the seymour girls again at 1:40 at seymour; and finally the paringa park kids up at Mt Lofty at 2:50.

There just aren’t a lot of 4 court venues going around. Losing a 4-court venue like Marion makes the profound difference that you need to get 2 x 3-court venues to make it up. At most Heathfield can run 5 courts (if the old gym is included). Brighton has 3 courts in its newer gym. There’s not a lot of room in the old gym, so if they use it, it’s usually a “showcourt”. Between these two State Volleyball Centres, we just can’t fit in the whole event.

Seeing Seymour College being used as a venue was cool. They use if for the independent girls schools league in the summer and i findly remember seeing a friendly match between the AIS women and Kenya there back in 2000.

We really need a bigger venue here. Reading up on what other people do, In the US they just use big convention halls and set up poles planted in barrels full of water to tie them down. It’s just a massive hall with heaps of courts, a bit like the Daniel David Beard Arena but bigger.

Anyway, there was some good stuff to see. There was some good stuff from the concordia boys but a bit patchy; Willunga U16GH beat the top Heathfield team; Willunga U17HG lost to Loxton again, but beat the top Brighton team; Paringa Park Primary Kids played year 8s all day and took a set off a heathfield team and took a hallett cove team to 24-26; The seymour girls didn’t realise they needed playing top numbers and had to buy some from the sports store minutes before the game and quickly iron them on in the changerooms.

I’d really like to see all these games in the same place. But we gotta make do and i guess improvising with 5 venues will just have to suffice. for now.


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  1. Alexis Says:

    Who’s Daniel Beard?

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