SASIVC Preview

I can’t help but feel a bit lost at the moment. But it’s that nice refreshing feeling you get when you have a day off and no plans.

We’re in that transition period of volleyball between when club competition finishes and everyone puts their undivided attention towards AVSC at the end of the year. In SA, it means that after a week off, you’re straight into State Schools Cup (of course this experience is really only relevant to players and coaches who are involved in club and school volleyball). For the last few years i’ve been in the habit of booking 6 days of leave for these two events.

Usually right now, i’d be stressing out about State Schools Cup (now renamed the SA Schools Indoor volleyball Cup – SASIVC). Well most of the stress would actually be on the teachers trying to organise everything, i’d just be stressed about the team being ready to be competitve. I’d be worrying about kids who hadn’t played for months because of footy and netball commitments; kids that were injured. because of footy and netball commitments; unable to play because they were in grand finals etc etc.

This year is different. I stopped actively coaching Willunga a few weeks ago.  I’m still helping out here and there with Concordia College’s Open Boys Honours team and Paringa Park Primary’s teams, but i’m not really “driving” or committed to any team. It’s a very different feeling. On one hand, there’s none of the anxiety of whether my teams will play well; pull off backcourt setting; qualify for honours; no early morning trainings; no teams “cramming” in trainings at the last minute after months of doing nothing; no thinking about what the other teams are doing etc. On the other hand there’s the  phantom pain of the missing excitement that coincides with when the rain stops and the hayfever comes.

But moreover, i’m enjoying the break. Of having multiple nights of the week off and just turning up to trainings to help out without much thought. AVSC used to be something i thought i couldn’t live without, but i think i seriously overestimated how much i would miss it. It used to be that coaching AVSC was the highlight and club volleyball the chore, but after having a really different and enjoyable season coaching at Norwood, the distinction isn’t so clear anymore. Maybe i’m not in love with AVSC as I used to be?

In any case, after a week of hearing a number of coaches complain about the SASIVC draw, I finally got round to reading it last night. I have the day off but no coaching responsibilities, so i’m just going as a spectator. Will be hard though. There are a lot of new teams, and it’s going to be held over 5 venues (we really need a bigger better venue).

The anxiety now is that i won’t be able to see all the teams i want to. There are the concordia guys i’ve been working with as well as the 2 paringa park teams. then there’s seymour college who will have a lot of the girls i coached at Norwood. And of course there’s willunga who i will always have a soft spot for. anyway some interesting things that may make it more interesting than the run-of-the-mill SIV dominated event:

  • Concordia College making its debut contesting for a spot in Open Honours Boys. There are 2 other heathfield and brighton teams in there. does that mean they automatically qualify? Could we have a new team in OHB in december?
  • Hallett Cove in 3 honours events – in U17HB they’re up against 3 SIV teams. Could we see the first Cove team in an honours event?
  • Willunga in 4 honours events – including U15GH which only has tow other teams. Could they possibly have 2 or 3 honours teams at AVSC this year? It was my dream for years! ironic that when they have all these teams pushing for honours i’m not there anymore!
  • Paringa Park Primary and West Beach in the U14s divisions. Must be some minivolleyball programmes going well!
  • A lot of teams we’re less familiar with: Christies Beach, craigmore, seymour college.

there are still slightly more girls teams than boys (49 to 45). and SIV teams still make up more than half the teams entered (49/94). it’s good to see some diversity come through. who knows, we may even see the day that an honours event in AVSC doesn’t have an SIV team?


One Response to “SASIVC Preview”

  1. SAVolleyball mum Says:

    Awww Huy I’m not sure whether to be happy for you or sad?
    I know the feeling though, I’m lost without all the panic and stress of getting ready. In hindsight, I really loved it. Maybe we should not take for granted what we have at any given time and learn to love the moment for what it is. Anyway, just wanted to say that I have really appreciated all your hard work and effort over the years. 🙂 enjoy your break!

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