Jr League Finals

It was a busy evening. First, the Div 2 girls managed to win, coached very well by Nik. It was a good inclusive win that took the whole team to win it so it was a great result.

Tom’s div 1 boys started before the girls finished and it was full of drama. i didn’t get to see the match, but they started off nearly getting points deducted for playing shorts and a player they said hadn’t qualified. The boys won the first 2 sets but then lost the next two. one of them got a yellow card too. But they got there in the end.

The div 1 girls started after the boys game started but finished before. It wasn’t the best game we had played but enough to win comfortably in 3 straight sets. It was a good last game for 6 of the girls who were turning 18 and had been playing for a while. They had a disappointing loss in 5 sets in last year’s grandfinal after being up 2-0. Most of the girls already play seniors but just enjoyed playing with each other on a junior team so much that they kept playing.

We didn’t have much time to celebrate after the win. we didn’t even wait to get our medals. the girls went to support the boys in their 5th set and I had to run over to coach the Div 3 girls game that had already started. They won the first set narrowly 26-24… then the next set quite easily, but ended up losing in 5 sets. Mt Lofty (our opponent) just played too well in those sets and we were just too nervous. It was their first 5-set game.I was still really proud of the team that started the year with 3 forfeits then turned it around to drop only 1 game for the rest of the season (before the Grand Final). They were probably the most improved team we had.

There was a great crowd cheering on all 4 of the teams and everyone went back to McDonalds after. My brain was fried from fretting over 12 straight sets of volleyball and i couldn’t taste anything i was eating. It was a good atmosphere.

I was pretty happy with how Volleyball SA organised the finals. It was a good venue, all at the same place, and all best-of-5 set games that were of a pretty good standard. I know the players loved it and it would now be a treasured memory.

We had the presentations on the sunday after at the city beach centre. the kids played pick-up games on the courts before and after the trophy presentations. We had to fit the presentations in a 2hr window in between the two SASI trial sessions with people coming and going before and after. It was a great weekend that capped off an awesome season of coaching junior volleyball.

Now, onto State Schools Cup, AVSC and summer league. No rest for the wicked.


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