Happysnap: SASI Trials

SASI under new head coach Alexis Lebedew held it’s trials on Sunday. I often drop in to trials for a bit of moral support for the players who are trying out. The girls trialed in the morning session from 9 till noon, while the boys trialed from 2 till 5. Wedged in between Norwood had its junior league presentation event.

I missed the morning session as i was out at paringa helping Ross coach the primary school kids preparing for state schools cup. But i managed to catch the afternoon session. The South Australian Sports Institute is the first step in a long journey towards elite volleyball. SASI  is based out of an old high school in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Apparently it used to be Kidman Park Girls school. The Office of Sport and Rec has a branch there, and the AIS beach programme courts are adjacent to the gym.

The trials were half run indoors and on the beach. Brad Tutton was running a tight ship. He was back to work straight after coaching the Mt Lofty League Men to a premiership with one of the shortest lineups I have ever heard of in League Men’s volleyball (i didn’t see the game but Tom told me about it afterwards). I wonder if he had much of a chance to celebrate after?

Apparently only 30 or so girls who tried out. most 16 years or younger. There were a lot more guys than that with a huge range in ages. from one of the paringa park kids i had urged to try out, to guys who were 18 and maybe even older. There was a lot of height going around! But in higher level volleyball, height is always relative.


One Response to “Happysnap: SASI Trials”

  1. mickmurphy Says:

    Youngest guy was 12 or 13, oldest was 20. Interesting is that one of the youngest who was meant to trial (but was told by another player that the trials weren’t on when he arrived) was 203cm tall, about the same height as the oldest player there…

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