Guilty Pleasure – Volleywood

There are plenty english language sites that look at volleyball from a very academic point of view, but few that are from the point of just being a fan. One that i found on a twitter feed is “Volleywood”:!/pages/San-Francisco-CA/VOLLEYWOOD/83953735664?v=info&__a=137&ajaxpipe=1 (the “adult” version)

It has a unique voice, a unique take on volleyball, and it’s bloody hilarious. It’s a fansite dedicated to international and professional volleyball as if written by Perez Hilton and the guy that writes Browsing it is like that guilty pleasure you get reading trashy magazines at the Dentist.

There’s pictures, results from international games and european leagues, and some bizarre commentary. It asks the tough questions, like which players are “Hot or Not”. But there’s also some occasional educated observation into the matches. I can’t tell if it’s ironic comedy genius or if it’s genuinely vapid.

Two things are for certain: Someone out there really likes volleyball and bothers to put results and pictures up from international and club games; and they’re pretty funny about it. I have no idea how they dig this stuff up.


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