Bad concept for an instructional DVD?

I was laughing at this when i saw it in the latest Championship Productions catalogue until i remembered some of this stuff still creeps into my trainings (like 2 nights ago when i was teaching hitting technique). Doesn’t quite fit into John Kessel’s “Game teaches the Game” philosophy. Watch the sample video to see how you can master the art of throwing balls up in the air for your spikers to hit. Maybe i should have looked at this coz I’m rubbish at throwing…

Instructional DVDs are sometimes ok. I did pull about out an hours worth of decent stuff out of about 15 DVDs i bought. if only i could claim them on tax.


One Response to “Bad concept for an instructional DVD?”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I love the title of this DVD! I just went through a catalogue of about 500 volleyball coaching/drill DVDs from the States. I think maybe one or two looked interesting (mainly one from Bill Neville titled: Stop Running in Circles and Make Warmups Useful, or something like that).

    Ultimately drills aren’t about ‘good and bad’ (though there are certainly bad ones). Most drills that I’ve ever seen are useful in a way. The key isn’t whether something can be of benefit (clearly 2-Man Pepper can be of benefit), the key is whether that drill is the absolute best use of a very limited amount of time Australian volleyball players spend at practice.

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