AJVC – Saturday (2)

We won our Bronze Medal game against NSW in a see-sawing 5-set epic, winning 25-18, 17-25, 25-21, 12-25, 15-8. If you count up the scores we actually won less rallies than NSW. In the end it was a battle between serving and passing. In some sets, NSW dominated when they got onto runs where they served consistently and we passed poorly. At other times we dominated when we passed well and ran a good offence. Like our last few games, our middle attack has been really dominating. It was a good way to end the tournament and see off Beth & Narissa who have now finished playing junior national volleyball. I thought it was odd that we lost all 4 of our 1st round robin matches and won only 3/9 matches to get a bronze medal. On the other hand, the U21M were stiffed that (playing in the same format of 5 teams, double round robin + playoff match) they had won all 4 of their 1st round robin matches and 5/9 games to finish 4th (they lost their bronze medal playoff). Mathematically, the MINIMUM amount of matches you need to win a medal in a 5 team double round robin format is 2/9 games.

Our U19W lost their bronze playoff, and our U19M won theirs. Our U17W won their bronze and our U17M lost a heartbreaking 5-set game to Victoria in the the gold medal game. They had previously beaten VIC in 5 sets earlier in the week. We finished up with 3 bronze and a silver – exactly like last year – and finished 4th in the President’s Cup.

We didn’t get any players in the all-star team.

Afterwards we went out for dinner. after vainly trying to find a place that would accommodate 2 teams (we dined with the U21W) on Oxford Street, we ended up at the Fasta Pasta we ate at on the previous saturday. I was driving terribly and it was an interesting experience having 9 people yell out directions, while getting relayed smart remarks from the other van via text messages to one of the girls.

We had our last coaches meeting and team meetings. The team gave me and simon thankyou cards that were very funnily written. Tomorrow we check out at 10 and will go to the markets for a couple of hours before checking in at the airport. we’ll get home at about 9:30. I’m looking forward to not driving the 12-seater soon!


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