AJVC – Wednesday

We lost again today. This time to WA in straight sets. It was a bit disheartening, but the positive was we got our libero, Lauren back playing, albeit in a limited capacity as a serving sub. Our Physio at the moment is Australian Women’s middle blocker Tara West.

Whenever we drive in the van, the girls insist on having the radio on really loud. Well the speakers are in the front so we have to have it really loud so they can hear at the back. I’m kind of getting used to having bad commercial pop and dance music being played at high volume while driving. It’s feeling less embarrassing when i pull up next to another car. I swear the same 6 songs keep getting airline across all the identical radio stations.

After we drop the girls off at the accommodation after a morning game, we’ve gotten into a routine of me doing some shopping for dinner and meals while Simon takes them for a recovery session in the pool. We’re making great use of the pool and I’ll be sure to find out what are some good activities to do for recovery sessions. Simon’s big on rest, recovery and food at a tournament. “Eat first, Sleep second” is his motto.

We had chicken & Pumpkin risotto tonight. Kirsten’s idea. I found a great recipe off the web. Lauren, Maddie and Tahlia helped me make it. We wanted to eat early and get to the U21M game, but it took a bit longer. We ended up getting to the game after the first set and they were unlucky to lose in 5 sets to a raging WA.We gave the boys our leftover food when they got back.

After winning against all 4 teams in the first 2 days, the U21M coach Mike would probably be less than impressed with the double round robin format. at this age, the payers have injuries and 9 matches in 6 days is a bit much. Also, the art of the tournament is in beating every team once and finishing on top for the medal rounds. Play them again and they work you out. It’s a competitive draw in U21M with WA and QD both with a lot of AIS players and SA being the surprise performer at the moment.

The first of our second round robin games start tomorrow verses QLD at 9:00am. Courtney asked me to get tissues at the shops. Might be the sniffles coming. It’s supposed to rain the next 2 days too. The weather was good while it lasted!


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