AJVC – Thursday

Today was a much better day. We won our first game against QLD. The team just gelled. The passing was great, we made few errors and the spread of hitters was fairly even. It was a good inclusive win that took everybody.

Our second game wasn’t quite as good. We were up 2:0 against NSW and then they came back. They won the 3rd set, and in the 4th set one of their middle blockers suffered a terrible knee injury unsettling both teams. To NSW’s credit, they settled first after the interruption and took the 4th set. Katie Bartoli dominated and we lost the 5th. It was a deflating experience but we still have a chance to make a medal match if we win tomorrow.

We’ve noticed all the victorian teams have an iPad with a statistics software on them. By contrast I’m using a stats sheet i knocked up in excel printed on the back of old resumes I now use as scrap paper.

I did another shopping trip during the recovery session between the games. The girls had made a list on my iphone as we drove back. It was a welcome change with the radio off as they discussed what they needed. they asked for 8 boxes of tissues and various losenges. The sniffles are definitely coming.

We had mexican for dinner tonight. Chicken enchilada’s and beef/bean mix. I got some corn tortillas so they didn’t feel like they were eating wraps all the time (we’ve been eating wheat wraps everyday for lunch). I made everything ready to go for us when we got back late. We ate dinner together in the coach’s cabin while watching Glee.

My laundry errands were less successful. The toploader at the caravan sucks and my clothes were drenched in 2 inches of water at the bottom. I put them in the dryer when we got back from our second game and ended up spending more money on drying garments than it would have cost to replace them. to top it off i forgot to throw in the item that would be hardest to dry – my trackpants. As a result i’m typing this post in thermal pants while other coaches walk in and out to discuss stuff with Simon. There’s a leak in our wall and some of the stuff i tried to dry are still wet.

The other SA teams have had some losses too: The U17M lost today and will have to win both games tomorrow to make the gold; The U19W lost to Victoria and might be out of gold contention; The U17W look like they’re out too; U19M lost to Victoria and have a tough game against QLD tomorrow to get through; The U21M lost to WA & QLD and beat NSW in 5 sets, but still have a chance.

Some of the SA parents are staying at Jen Sadler’s parents house. Since moving from Perth to Adelaide for the AIS beach programme, the Sadler’s have really adopted SA as a second home. They’ve come out to support many of the SA teams that Jen isn’t in and proudly cheer for us in their own home town. Of course, they cheer for the WA teams too and sit on the fence whenever it’s SA v WA.

Vic & WA tomorrow. Will be a tough day. There’s torrential rain outside and they say State Emergency Services will be up all night fixing stuff.


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