AJVC – Saturday & Sunday

It’s been fairly relaxing the last couple of days (for me at least). I’m still making the adjustment to being a manager instead of coaching. I’m still dropping the ball on a few things. Simon has a lot on his plate organising the trip as well as coaching a team. I’m driving the minibus and still struggling to find my way around. the roads regularly change names at intersection. one confusing road we stay on zig zags, but if you go straight, it changes into another street. I’ve yet to make a trip where i haven’t made a wrong turn.

The weather is beautiful. Like Adelaide on a perfect Autumn day. But cold at night. Perth looks and feels a lot like adelaide. But more conservative. and that’s saying something. Everything is closed after hours and on Sundays. The people are kind and in shops they address you as “sir”.

The stadium is excellent and by far the most impressive venue I’ve seen. Brand new floors and lots of room. The opening ceremony was short 22 minutes. The technical meeting, not so. The debacle over the seedings and draws in the U17s were resolved. kind of. Four that go from one pool have a non repeating round robin with wins carrying over. the three from the other pool have to play everyone. I guess people got what they wanted without embarrassing anyone else.

We had a Roast Lamb dinner last night. I had bought all the ingredients and realised when we got back that none of the cabins had ovens. But Murph showed me how to do a stove top roast in a big pot (he studied cooking at Regency college for a year before choosing a different vocation). I also brought the wrong camera cable and can’t upload photos. poop.

First game today against QLD at 3pm. Simon is already there scouting. will post results up later.



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