AJVC – Monday

We (U21 women) lost today against QLD 3:1 (21-25, 15-25, 26-24, 18-25). To top it off, our Libero (Lauren) got injured leaving us with only 7. Hopefully she’ll be good tomorrow for our two games against NSW (9:00am) & VIC (3:00pm).

The warning light still won’t go off in the minibus. We’re all stumped.

  • U21M beat WA (who were highly favoured) in 3 sets. They came from 2:0 down to beat QLD in 5.
  • U17W had a couple of injuries and lost to WA 3:1 (25-25, 23-25, 25-15, 16-25) and NZ in 5 sets
  • U19W beat QLD in 4 sets (32-30, 25-22, 23-25, 25-22)
  • U17M beat WA gold
  • U19M beat QLD White in 3 sets (25-15, 15-16, 25-20) and WA Gold in 3 sets (27-25, 25-16, 25-16)

Cooked Butter Chicken tonight. Usually tastes like crap when you use the sauce in the jar so i googled how you could improve a jar of Taylor’s. Half a tub of cream, some tomato puree, sprinkle some guaram masala & cumin. At the stadium Lyn Shippey gave me a foolproof way of cooking rice in the microwave. worked a treat.


One Response to “AJVC – Monday”

  1. SAVolleyball mum Says:

    appreciate the updates Huy I’m suffering from vball withdrawal so bad! I wish I was there 😦 Go SA lets kick some ummmm …. tooshies 🙂

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