Holiday Limbo

The last day of the 2nd school term is always a danger week for getting teams on the court. A lot of people go away and it can be confusing. There’s no state league round but there was a “Friday” League men’s game between Norwood and USC LIon.  With 9 regular players unavailable, I ended up having 19 players play across my 4 junior girls teams at Norwood. Each team had 6 players (one had 7) with each team having 2 players having to play a second match. I’m sure a lot of other teams and clubs felt the pinch too and a lot of them would have been fielding less than usual rosters. To get through such a round without a forfeit is an achievement in itself (we were extremely lucky that 3 of the teams played at the same venue and different times allowing people to play 2 games. However, it was all the more memorable that all 4 teams won! I’ve never had a round where all the teams i worked with won. It was just satisfying to see the sleepless hours of taking and analysing stats, working with teams and individuals to improve performance all paid off (even if it is for only one week). The improvement in a lot of players was great to see. It was similarly pleasant a couple of weeks back when on the day before my birthday, all 3 Austral womens teams won at State League. 2 of those games were long 5-set games (both against norwood ironically), and it was good that the League Women finally got a win and the reserves their second win (they didn’t win a game last year).

It’s holidays now and junior and state league takes 2 weeks off. With a big contingent of players in high school and uni who go away on holiday or AJVC, there’s just not enough people around. I’ll be off to AJVC managing the U21 Women. I’ll blog somewhere with the team’s results. maybe here, maybe the VSA blog, maybe ozvolley. Looking forward to going to Perth for the first time.


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