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September 6, 2009

…at least for a while

For those of you who read my rants, I won’t have to go into why I’ve decided to stop coaching League/Reserves on Saturday and Junior League on Fridays. I love coaching and working with players, and being both a student and teacher of the game, but turning up to matches has just become unenjoyable for me.

I coached my last Junior League game on friday night, and my last League Women’s and Reserve Women’s games last Saturday. The Saturday games were nice for the reason that most of the girls I got to coach were kids I’ve known since they started volleyball at the club many years ago. Trainings as one big group were definitely a highlight in a disappointing season for me. The last games were uneventful, save for us winning a set in League, and me getting a yellow card in the reserves match for taking too long to call a substitution. I don’t doubt the call was correct but it reinforced that I could find better ways to spend a Saturday. Is it really “time wasting” when your team is getting served off the court and you lose in less than an hour and the duty team just sits on the empty court waiting for their game to start?

I have no idea what I’ll do next year. I’ll still coach AVSC because it’s a lot of fun. I still love learning about the game so I might spend a year just following other coaches around and learn their philosophies and techniques. Or I might give a hand to some of the coaches who have generously taught me how to be a better coach.

The point of all this, is now that i’m doing a lot less in volleyball, the narrative component of this blog effectively ends. There’s not much else left to write about besides the odd tournament i go to. Allan Desalvo has kindly allowed me to muckrake on his blog where i can post my occasional thoughts on the sport i dearly love. I’ll see you all there.

Thanks for reading.